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October 2015

  1. EC3D Compression Gear

    ec3d logoEC3D is one of the few compression clothing companies that utilises medical knowledge of compression benefits to design their products. The result is that their gear is proven to do what it claims to do! Continue reading →
  2. Now Stocking Icebug Shoes...

    Icebug logo Icebug is a fast growing Swedish running brand with a focus on running shoes that provide exceptional grip on technical off-road terrain from snow and ice, to mud and rock... Continue reading →
  3. Top 5 reasons to visit Castleberg Outdoors

    Top 5 reasons to visit Castleberg Outdoors
    co-gift-voucher-logoWhilst we are not looking to blow our own trumpet, the subject came up the other week about why people come to see us and we thought we’d dig a little deeper and ask a few customers why the came in. This is what we found out last week… Continue reading →
  4. Fjallraven - our picks...

    fjallraven-logo_1 Fjallraven is a unique outdoor brand with its roots firmly in the harsh conditions of Sweden... Continue reading →
  5. First look at new Scott Shoes – Scott Kinabalu RC

    First look at new Scott Shoes –  Scott Kinabalu RC
    20151013_1405372016 sees the broadening of the Scott trail running shoe range and there’s a couple of exciting new models that we think will be perfect for our customers. First and foremost we are really looking forward to the new Scott Kinabalu RC trail running shoe. Continue reading →
  6. Review of the New Paramo Alta III jacket – our first impressions

    20151013_111059When Paramo told us they were replacing the Alta II jacket this autumn we were nervous! The new Alta III waterproof jacket has a lot to live up to… Continue reading →
  7. Patagonia the Brand...

      patagonia-logo Patagonia not only design and make exceptionally high quality and stylish outdoor clothing, they are also one of the most environmental sensitive outdoor apparel companies there is... Continue reading →

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