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Bergans training in Norway - Catherine and Ruth go wild!


Catherine and Ruth were lucky enough to attend a Bergans training seminar in Norway last didn't rain, and it didn't get dark! A truly fantastic experience.

The invitation- to experience Norway as well as Bergans the brand- was eagerly accepted and anticipated, and last weekend saw us flying off to the unusually sunny climes of Oslo, then on by coach to Bergans headquarters in Hokksund.

We were treated to a guided tour of Bergans HQ, including a fascinating trip to their museum of kit from a bygone era.  This was followed by a coach ride to Harahorn in Hemsedal, clutching our packs of tester kit.


The idea of the seminar was to allow retailers from far and wide to try out Bergans clothing and equipment in the real outdoors of Norway- or as the Norwegians call it- 'the nature'.


The next 2 days were jam-packed.Great hospitality, food and drink, combined with paddling across icy lakes in the ingenious and sturdy Ally Canoes, and camping in wild valleys in the best tents Bergans have to offer- Catherine and I tried the 3-man compact light, and I really had my eye on the fantastic Lavvo.


The weekend finished with an awesome trek up the Harahorn, carrying Glittertind 55l packs and kitted out in, amongst other things, the lovely Glittertind Dermizax jackets (a fantastic performance fabric also used in the great looking and functional Super Lett).

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Bergans aimed to show us what the 'of Norway' strapline means in their name.  They achieved this- their products are born from an extraordinary environment which is crying out to be explored, but which demands that you approach it with respect. They make beautiful quality products which do the job that is, quite literally, demanded of them.

I doubt we'll get the chance to go again- it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and to be fair, if the invitation came again we perhaps ought to let someone else go?  But the memory of it (cheesy though it sounds) will stay forever.  I LOVE Norway (and I love Bergans!)

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