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Castleberg Outdoors becomes an Injinji Premier Retailer...


Castleberg Outdoors are pleased to announce that they have been named an Injinji Premier Retailer here in the UK, so you can now have an even greater choice of the most popular toesocks!

Injinji toesocks are designed with an individual sleeve for each toe which allows the toes to behave as nature intended and naturally splay. This increased toe mobility encourages stronger, healthier feet. The design also promotes a healthy circulation, stability and are suitable for any occasion wear whether that sport or everyday.


The separation of the toes also substantially reduces skin-on-skin friction and thus decreases the risk of blisters. An improved grip and balance inside the shoes also reduces movement and adds to the reduced risk of hot spots.

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Injinji toesocks are available in three different weights (lightweight, original weight and midweight) and six different lengths (ped, no show, micro, mini crew, crew and over the calf), as well as in specific deigns for different uses including the run and trail specific ranges and a lightweight sock liner. So there really is a sock to suit everyone’s requirements!


In the most recent Injinji delivery here at Castleberg Outdoors, we have a range of exciting new colours in a range of thicknesses and lengths. As well as over the calf ex-celerator compression socks featuring lower leg graduated compression which has been shown to significantly enhance circulation and recovery. We also have our first stock of kids injinji socks – start your children on the way to healthier, better functioning feet with these fun, colour toesocks.

injinji-sport-lightweight-micro-kids-blue  injinji-sport-lightweight-micro-kids-pink

Check out the full range of Injinji Socks at Castleberg Outdoors here.