When Salomon introduced the Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Set it revolutionised the concept of running backpacks and quickly became THE choice for ultra runners and multi-day event competitors around the world...

We've got some Exclusive stock of the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set - for further details of the Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set and for information on how to get one take a look at our S-Lab Hydro 12 Set product page.

Salomon pride themselves on working closely with elite athletes, who put their products through the toughest tests, and listening to the feedback of customers to continually evolve the goods they make.

This is nowhere more obvious than in the overhaul of the new Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set. The major changes including enhanced hydration options on the move, softened trims, improved carrying versatility and access and a significant reduction in weight.


As the name suggests, the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set is designed to carry your fluid requirements and it is with this mind that some of the major changes to the new pack have been made. The Salomon Soft Flasks have been well received due to their lightness, reusability and the way they compress as they are drunk from preventing unwanted sloshing. Taking this a step further, the new 12 sets fits two 500ml soft flasks perfectly in the front pockets of the shoulder straps and these can be used without having to be taken out, shrinking as they are emptied. Perfect hydration on the go!


The pack is all set to take a hydration bladder with inconspicuous routing ensuring the hose doesn’t get in the way of your running action and the inclusion of a bladder insulation sleeve means your fluid will stay at just the right temperature and also in my experience helps with easier refilling as the bladder is kept in place better.


One of the unique points of the Salomon Advanced Skin Sets is the Salomon P.A.C.E Fit which means the pack is positioned over the ‘hard' body (i.e. the ribs & scapula) and not the 'soft' body (i.e. the vital organs which increases comfort and reduces pressure points. However, the earlier 12 Sets included several areas of ‘hard’ trimming especially on the front shoulder straps where the twin link attached. In the new model, Salomon have stripped this away and the trimmings are now soft and the twin link attachment as minimal as it can be. These changes make the front of the pack much more comfortable and add to the body hugging fit.


The carrying capacity of the 12 Set has been designed with ultra running requirements in mind, the 12 litres of storage ensures there is ample space for all your essentials. The newest model has taken on board comments about issues regarding the ease of access to certain pockets, changing previously horizontal side zips to vertical ones and also including significantly more elastic power mesh, drop-in pockets that are easier to stuff gear into and pull it out of.


The reductions in the hard trims, together with a change in the design and distribution of the pockets have contributed to a significant reduction in weight for the 12 set to a mere 340g! There are few packs with the carrying capacity of the 12 set that can claim to be as light. This makes it the ideal choice for racing when every ounce really does count.


Throughout, the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Sets have fitted well, and thankfully this remains the case with the new version. The 12 Set wraps close to the body fitting more like an item of clothing than a backpack and the choice of sizes ensures there is a pack to suit every size and shape. The material of the pack is stretchy, Salomon call it self adjustable, which mould to the body shape, Salomon call this Anatomic morphing. Whatever the terminology the outcome is a pack that is highly stable with virtually no bounce on even the roughest terrain.


When running with a backpack, the volume of the contents undoubtedly changes and this can cause problems with movement and annoying bounce. To combat this, the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set includes Load Lifters which can be easily adjusted on the move to ensure the contents remain compressed and stable regardless of their size or volume.


Whilst you really want to minimise movement of the pack during activity, this can often come at the cost of requiring the chest straps to be pulled tight and thus restricting breathing. Not the Salomon 12 Set. Thanks to the combination of the Sensifit stretch material and the elastic twin link chest straps, the pack is held in place without any reduction in breathing comfort. The light and adjustable twin link system means you can position the chest straps wherever you find most comfortable and efficient.


We've got some Exclusive stock of the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set - for further details of the Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set and for information on how to get one take a look at our S-Lab Hydro 12 Set product page.

We’ve been working closely with Salomon and we’ve been really lucky to get a host of new Salomon products to play with – the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set is due in NEXT MONTH and you can pre-order the Salomon  Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydro 12 Set NOW. Plus keep an eye on our news section ( or our Facebook page for up to date details.