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Preview of the new Altra Superior 2.0 - The best Altra zero drop trail running shoe so far

Altra Superior 2.0 - MensJust in this week the New Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens trail running shoe. We're excited.

We started stocking the Altra brand over a year ago now. We were attracted by Altra for many reasons. It had a decent trail running range, it offered a natural running style that was promoted by using a zero drop platform (i.e. the heel and the forefoot are equal heights) and it offers a wide toe box allowing the forefoot to spread. In short, Altra seems like a trail runner's (and Ultra Runner's) dream!

Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens

We've been slowly building the Altra brand in our shop since last year. We've gone slowly, testing shoes ourselves, talking to customers and we're really pleased with the results. When out latest delivery landed this week, we were excited! The Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens had arrived.

Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens

First of all, the Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens has all the DNA of the Altra brand. It's a zero drop shoe (so great for runners wanting to have a more natural style of running and avoid the issues associated with heel striking) and it has a wide toe box to allow your toes plenty of room (great for 'feel' and great for comfort on longer runs).

Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens

What's new about the Altra Superior 2.0 is that it offers a lower platform and hence a lighter shoe. There's less cushioning in the Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens but it's not a minimal shoe by any means - the stated 'stack height' (i.e. thickness of the sole unit) is 21mm, which is more than OK in comparison with some of our other shoes.


Alongside the lower profile of the Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens, as a trail running shoe, a key feature for us is that it offers a removable rock plate. This is great for a lower shoe - it means that trail running over longer routes or races and certain terrains can be more comfortable and you have the option to choose by removing the plate also.

Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens

Another big 'tick' on our checklist is the sole unit. We're in the Yorkshire Dales and running in Yorkshire usually involves mud at some point of a route! Grip is really important to us but getting the right balance between too much and too little is always a problem. We think the Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens gets this right. It's a versatile shoe and it's outsole will work well for trail running in all types of conditions. The grip and lugs on the sole unit of the Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens are agressive enough to give traction in wet and loose conditions but not too aggressive.


The Altra Superior 2.0 - Mens is available now.