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Preview of the new Scott Kinabalu Enduro trail running shoe

P1040004You should be seeing more and more Scott shoes around at races and events nowadays and we were really excited to get an exclusive preview of the new Scott Kinabalu Enduro trail running shoe. We've been stocking Scott shoes for a couple of years now and we've seen the brand go from strength to strength in the store...


Trail running shoes and brands come and go, but Scott's been around for a while now and had been taking a lot of podiums on the US recently despite a relatively small offering on the trail running shoe front.


We've stocked the Scott brand of shoes for a couple of years and despite the brand being new to the UK (it's best known for their excellent range of bikes) our customers have been becoming increasingly aware of the brand and how good the shoes are.


We're excited as Spring '16 sees the launch of a couple of new shoes in the trail running range. The Scott Kinabalu Enduro shoe is one of them.


Looking around the shoe, it's obvious that it's intended for some serious use. The Enduro is aimed at longer distance trail running.


Looking around the shoe, two facets jump out immediately, firstly its upper features a hard-wearing bonded lattice which is likely to take a lot of wear and give a lot of protection on the trail.



The second stand-out feature is the sole unit grip. Whilst the existing models in the Scott Kinabalu range are optimised for harder packed, dry weather trails (Kinabalu 3.0) or grip in the wet (Kinabalu Supertrac). The Enduro sits bang in the middle of the offering - the sole is optimised for multi surface grip - with lugs for moderate mud and wet, loose stuff but the tread is arranged to offer comfort and grip on more moderate surfaces too - all in all, ideal for longer runs and events where you are likely to encounter a range of surfaces (and a range of conditions).


The sole unit on this shoe is a Vibram MegaGrip outsole - and looks to be a variable density (to be confirmed). It should be sticky on wet surfaces in all the right places.


Whilst we have yet to test the shoe fully, Scott are saying that the midsole has been optimsed and tuned for running efficiency. They've worked on the existing eride midsole (slight rocking motion and lighter weight midsole EVA material) and added additional flex zones across the sole unit to ease comfort over longer distances.


It's also worth mentioning that the Enduro carries on the same great fit of the Kinabalu series - decent mid foot volume and a reasonable width across the toes. The Enduro also features a useable rock plate on the sole unit and anti slip laces.


All in all Scott have turned out a decent looking shoe and it's solidly constructed. It'll be ideal for multi-surfaces and the upper looks very resilient and hard working. If you are looking for an ultra running shoe to truly put in the miles or an all rounder shoe for trail running in a variety of terrains and conditions, this is well worth looking at.


Our existing range of Scott Running Shoes are on the website and do keep in touch via facebook or twitter for more information. If you want to know more, do get in touch via our Product Enquiry page.