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Product Review - Salomon Fellcross 2 EXCLUSIVE


Why change something as good as the original Salomon Fellcross? To make it even better!! The Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2 builds on the success of the original and gives you an even racier shoe with even more grip...

We've got some Exclusive stock of the Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2 - for further details of the Salomon Fellcross 2 and for information on how to get a pair take a look at our Fellcross 2 product page: Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2

Straight out the box the Fellcross 2 feels ready to run fast...very fast. It’s super lightweight, just 260g for a UK 8.5 and the fit is snug and streamlined. It’s a racing shoe and it’s raring to go.

The Sensifit upper cradles the foot providing a secure hold. This means the shoe feels like an extension of your foot and ensures you can feel what your foot is doing, were it is being placed and gives a real feeling of control. The fit may at first feel narrow, but after a few miles the fit feels perfect and that is from someone with wide feet!


The Salomon Quicklace system is super easy to operate and helps to ensure the fit remains constant without any risk of your laces undoing mid run. Being able to tuck the lace into the sleek housing in the tongue keeps them out of the way and neatly stowed.


The major update for the Fellcross 2 is the outsole. Fell and mountain terrain is by definition rough, uneven and rugged. To run fast on this type of ground you need a shoe with grip and the new outsole on the Fellcross 2 is more aggressive than the original and bites whatever is put in its way. Compared to the original the improved grip on rocky terrain is what really stands out.


Whilst the pointy studs of the original Fellcross were exceptional on the majority of terrain, their small contact area meant that grip was slightly compromised on rock (especially wet rock) however Salomon have addressed this issue replacing the original studs with V-shaped lugs made from sticky rubber in a multidirectional formation that ensures grip is maximal whatever. The distribution the lugs also ensures mud is shed easily, a key consideration to successfully staying on your feet!


True to its racing pedigree the Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2 is low profile with just a 4mm heel to toe drop, it also has minimal cushioning with 9mm at the heel and 5mm in the forefoot. This adds to its fast, streamlined feel, you’re instantly in touch with the ground enabling you to react quickly and precisely. It also provides a stable platform from which to drive off. The cushioning may not sound much but it is more than adequate for the type of terrain these shoes are design for and when you hit the hard stuff the elevated studs actually act as additional cushioning. A word of caution; newcomers to low profile/minimal shoes should integrate the shoe gradually to avoid soreness or injury.


As with the original Fellcross and all Salomon products, the build is super high quality and I can confidently predict that the shoes will last a long time. The base of the upper is wrapped with a durable laminated material that provides protection to the material and the wearer. There is also a protective TPU toe cap that provides protection from the dangers of the trails such as stones and tree roots.


In a nutshell, I love running in these shoes, they are, in my opinion, the perfect balance of lightweight, grip, feel and a green light to run fast! The improvements in the Fellcross 2 have made an already great shoe fantastic....


We’ve been working closely with Salomon and we’ve been really lucky to get a host of new Salomon products to play with – the Salomon Fellcross 2 is due NEXT MONTH and you can pre-order the Salomon Fellcross 2 NOW Plus keep an eye on our news section ( or our Facebook page for up to date details.

We've got some Exclusive stock of the Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2 - for further details of the Salomon Fellcross 2 and for information on how to get a pair take a look at our Fellcross 2 product page: Salomon S-Lab Fellcross 2