The Ultimate Direction Fastpack has been a stalwart of our pack range in the shop for several years. For us, being a “trail run and hike” shop, the Fastpack sits bang in the middle of what we do and our customers have loved the versatility of the pack since they first came out.

Offering flexible, larger capacities, men’s and women’s specific fits – the Fastpacks do a lot. From day-long run/hikes, events, ‘overnighters’ to winter days out, the Fastpack does it all and now it’s tweaked, improved and updated too!

So, by way of a general overview, the Fastpack is one of the few packs to bridge the gap of offering trail running vest fit and features (the pack sits higher across the shoulders and rib cage – meaning it can be made a snug fit (less bounce) with greater comfort; features from trail running vests are great – they allow front access to essentials – pockets for water bottles/flasks, snacks, keys, phones and smaller essentials (it saves stopping, taking the pack off and ‘rummaging’).

The New Ultimate Direction Fastpack range comes in different capacities (20, 30 and 40 litres). There are women’s specific packs (caller FastpackHer – get it?!) – the FastpackHer 20 and FastpackHer 30. Unisex packs (or Men’s) are the Fastpack 20, Fastpack 30 and Fastpack 40.

It’s worth mentioning that all of the Fastpack range offer supreme versatility – they are great for specific events (often this is the main reason for purchasing them) but most customers also use them for winter runs, summer hikes, kit bags, shopping, bike tours, etc…

The Fastpack 20L packs are great for customers looking to run or hike and work well for runners & hikers looking to do events or challenges (long distance races or shorter overnight events). The Fastpack(Her) 30 litre packs offer greater capacity and suit longer events, challenges and full days out or overnight trips. The Fastpack 40 litre rucksacks is a brilliant fast and light pack and suits anyone looking to disappear for a few days in the hills. All the Fastpack range are sized mainly by chest proportions. Back lengths vary by the capacity of the pack. Sizes are published but call us and we can narrow down the fit over the phone or in store.

What’s new about the New Ultimate Direction Fastpack range?

Fundamentally, there’s no getting away from the fact that the old Fastpack range was pretty great. The features worked and most of them carry over into the new Fastpack range which is fine by us as we feel a lot of trust in the way the previous generation of fastpacks performed.

In terms of the new features and tweaks added to the new Fastpack range these include:

  • Better top access to to the main storage compartment via a zipper in the lid.
  • Lower zipper to main compartment too
  • The sternum strap rail has been lengthened to give an improved fit and more fit adjustment options
  • Waist belts are included as standard across the fastpack range
  • The back padding has been changed to a more ‘zoned’ foam for improved fit
  • The ‘Infinit’ mesh on the back (it’s one continuous piece of material from the back to the front straps) has been changed for a lighter, less dense mesh
  • Outer materials have changed – body material and stretch mesh pockets to improve wear and performance

What’s carried over in the Fastpack Range:

  • Great compression system that allows you to stabilise the load in the main back compartment regardless of the capacity – you don’t have to fill them up always!
  • A great front system for carrying essentials. It’s a revelation to wear a pack where you can stock a lot of your ‘essentials’ on the front straps for easy access without having to stop and take the pack off!
  • Quality fit – the same great, comfortable, stable design to ensure a snug, bounce-free fit.
  • Lashing points – plenty of potential to attach gear to the outside of the pack and flexible storage to allow for your own requirements.

We’re really quite excited to get the new UD Fastpack range in the store You can view the Ultimate Direction Fastpack Range here. As always, if you’ve any questions, do get in touch. We’re here to help.