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Top 5 reasons to visit Castleberg Outdoors

co-gift-voucher-logoWhilst we are not looking to blow our own trumpet, the subject came up the other week about why people come to see us and we thought we’d dig a little deeper and ask a few customers why the came in. This is what we found out last week…

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We’re located in Settle, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales national park and literally a stone’s throw from some great trails for walking and running. We aren’t exactly located in the centre of the universe and we actually don’t mind as it’s our pleasure to be in the midst of some of the finest countryside in the UK. So not being in the centre of things, why do you come to visit us? Here’s some of the reasons we got from talking to customers last week:


1 – “You’ve got what I want and I can’t find in my local outdoor shop”

We’re an independent retailer and always on the lookout for products that are high quality, well-designed and (sometimes) usual. Whilst we sell a wide range of brands and many are well known to most outdoors lovers, we also look for different brands that you don’t see in many shops. Put simply, the world is full of quality outdoor brands and not all make it over the UK. Being independent, we can pick and choose interesting products and we hope this sets us apart and makes it interesting for you to visit.

We also get to take the time to learn about new brands and products and we can tell you all about them. We like to be different from the chain stores on the high streets; if you are doing something challenging or specialist, we could well have the product for you!


2 – “I called in because I was coming up to the Dales to get outdoors (and needed an excuse to come up!)

As we’ve already said, Settle is not the centre of the universe and whilst we are close to motorways and population centres we’re basically sandwiched between the Forest of Bowland (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and the Yorkshire Dales National Park (outside our door, turn right and walk for 2 minutes). Being 45 minutes from the Lakes too – we have some of the best countryside in the UK on our doorstep! The chances are if you are into the outdoors you will be passing sooner or later! If you ever needed an excuse to come and see us, this has got to be it (did we mention that Settle is a lovely place too? Cafes, shops and much more…)


3 – “I’ve bought online before and it’s never right (I want to see something, try it on and save money by getting it right first time)”

We’re talking to an increasing number of customers who are buying from shops again. Their reasoning is that it can be hit and miss with getting the right thing online. As we sell specialist, high quality gear and we sell it both in store and online we totally understand. Whilst it’s easy to make a purchase any time of the day or night online, it’s not the same as browsing, trying things on or talking to people about the products or alternatives. Prices can be great if you shop around (we try our best to be competitive) but there’s no substitute for getting the right item, that fits properly and does the right job for you. Whilst we are always to hand to answer calls and emails for online orders, we love to see faces in our shop and chat to customers to get you the right stuff!


4 –“ I’m doing an event and need some advice”

We see plenty of customers who have training targets or who have chosen challenges – the three peaks walk/race, TGO challenge, long distance runs or walks. For many people this is the motivating factor for getting out in the hills. Often it’s a minefield when it comes to choosing kit that’s up to the challenge and it’s usually something new you are doing and you need advice from someone who’s done it or knows people who have done it. Sometimes there’s no substitute for coming into the store or calling us and talking through the options for kit (packs, clothing or footwear)


5 – “I’m not sure what I want and need to talk to someone”

Everyone starts somewhere and quite often we are all unsure of what all the options are as we step up to doing more things. Whether you are just starting out or looking to upgrade items as you get out more, it’s worth talking to someone who knows the products and what they can do. It’ll genuinely save time and money in the long run if you get the right kit.


Do any of these reasons fit the bill for you? If you are passing or need an excuse, come and see us – we’re always happy to see you in the store. Our about us page is here (including how to find us).