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Why buy Fjallraven trousers? A Quick Guide to buying Fjallraven trousers


Good walking trousers are definitely worth investing in.  Fjallraven are renowned for their amazing quality trousers, available in a comprehensive range of sizes and styles to suit walkers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Fjallraven introduced their first trousers in 1970, and have been working hard since then to develop and expand the range to give you maximum choice and a perfect fit. Here at Castleberg Outdoors we pride ourselves on our great selection of Fjallraven trousers (and jackets, bags, packs and accessories!).


But what makes Fjallraven trousers so special? And how do you choose the best pair for you? We’ve put together a little guide to help you get more familiar with all that Fjallraven has to offer. barentspro

How do you choose?

What will you be using the trouser for? Fjallraven have divided their range into activity categories, and although there is a lot of crossover (these trousers really are versatile) it gives you a great starting point:


Trekking: Most of our customers opt for a trouser from this range, and there is plenty of choice, including the Vidda and Vidda Pro, the Abisko and Abisko Pro, Barents and Barents Pro… Fjallraven Trekking trousers are well designed and well thought out, with plenty of useful pockets, and often have some clever pre-shaping around the knees to improve the fit. They mostly use G-1000 fabric (see below for a bit more information on this) in conjunction with stretch and or reinforced fabric to improve the technical performance.

people in trousers

Everyday Outdoor: This range tends to be more stripped down, with less pockets and technical functionality, but still offering comfort, durability and performance. The Greenland Trouser is our most popular option in the range (this one does have LOADS of pockets…)


Forest: A range of trousers suited to outdoor activities such as birdwatching and shooting. We like the Drev- extremely comfortable trousers in durable G-1000 Silent with stretch panels. The Forest range places emphasis on durability and a quiet efficient performance.

Travel: A lighter-weight option utilising either G1000-lite or the highly breathable MT (micro-travel) fabric. Our favourite is the Ruaha.



Fit is crucial when you are looking for the right pair of walking trousers. Not just size, but style too.

Fjallraven walking trousers come in a huge range of sizes and styles to help you find the perfect ones. You can opt for:

Comfort: Trousers with a looser fit such as the Vidda and the Greenland Trousers;

Curved: Especially designed for the more curvy figure this range includes the Nikka Trousers Curved. They utilise both G1000 and a stretch fabric in cleverly tailored panels to give a perfect fit;

Regular: Vidda Pro, and the Barents Pro fall into this category- a more standard fit.


The range is also divided by waist style- choose from:

High Waist (such as the Barents Trouser and the Greenland Trouser);

Mid Waist (try the Abisko Lite); or

Low Waist (our favourite is the Karla Trouser)


Perhaps the most striking thing about the whole Fjallraven Trouser range however is the incredible variety of leg lengths. The trousers either come in:

Fixed length (with Long, Regular and Short) for trousers with features at the leg hem such as the Greenland Trouser (which has an elastic and buttoned hem); or

Raw length where the hem is left unfinished with a generous leg length. Barents and Barents Pro come are finished in this way, along with several other options.  This is a valuable feature for many of our customers as it allows trimming and hemming at a perfect length for you. If you are above, or below average height (like me!) it can be really hard to find a spot on trouser fit. Fjallraven have solved this problem brilliantly.

"LONG" trousers - it's also worth noting that if a Fjallraven trouser has "LONG" in the title its actually regular EU length!! This is down to the trouser being sold in worldwide markets outside of the EU where trouser lengths are shorter. It's worth checking the specifications of the trousers or calling us if you are not sure.


Technical information:


Most trousers in the range utilise the versatile and durable G-1000 fabric- a densely woven mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton treated with Greenland Wax. G-1000 is highly water resistant and windproof (this can be increased by re-waxing with Greenland Wax), lightweight and breathable, and incredibly hardwearing. In addition, the dense weave provides a high level of UV and mosquito protection. Depending on the main end use, other fabrics such as G1000-lite, G1000-HD, and G1000-Silent and a range of stretch or reinforced fabrics may also be incorporated. Please note though that G1000-lite is not mosquito proof!

Fox logo on G1000


Fjallraven walking trousers are highly water resistant as well as breathable, thanks to the use of Greenland Wax. The fabric is treated with wax, and then you can adjust the level of water resistance by washing or re-waxing depending on the conditions. So in winter, for harsher, wetter conditons, wax them up... and in the summer for a lighter softer feel, wash the wax out.  Brilliant.



There is a lot to consider- and plenty of options to choose from. We’ve been selling (and using!) Fjallraven trousers ourselves now for several years, and they have become a staple classic for us. We’re happy to talk you through the range to help you find the perfect one for you- please just email us or give us a call.


Finally, do please take a look at our Fjallraven Trousers section. We do carry a wide range of Fjallraven trousers and we are happy to help you find the perfect Fjallraven trouser.