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FORM Medium-Cushion Insoles

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The FORM Medium-Cushion Insoles provide excellent support and comfort for your feet and the medium level of cushioning is ideal for the majority of shoes and activities...

Our View – FORM Medium-Cushion Insoles:

FORM Insoles are designed to provide support and reduce stress on your feet which in turn can help reduce ankle, knee and back pain. FORM Insoles are customisable to your foot shape to help maximise the support they provide.

The FORM Medium-Cushion Insoles provide a moderate level of cushioning making them ideal for active pursuits in ‘normal’ volume shoes such as walking and sports activities or everyday wear. They typical take up a similar volume to the original insoles in your shoes.

Specifications - FORM Medium-Cushion Insoles:

  • Medium layer of cushioning for shock absorbing comfort
  • 1.6mm Cushioning
  • Comfort shaped arch to reduce stress on feet and knees
  • Heel cup design for max support and shock absorption
  • Temperweave fabric to reduce moisture and odour
  • Base layer custom moulds to your foot shape
  • Perfect for all work boots, hiking boots and athletic shoes.
  • Helps control over pronation
  • Helps prevent and treat Plantar Fasciitis
  • Helps reduce Arch pain, Heel pain, Back Pain
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