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Inov-8 Wrag

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A piece of kit doesn't come much more versatile than an Inov-8 Wrag! Wear it as a neck tube, a hat, a wristband, however you like. Lightweight and breathable this is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast...

Our View – Inov-8 Wrag:

The Inov-8 Wrag is a great piece of kit with a huge range of uses. At its most simple the Wrag is a neck tube providing protection against the cold in winter and the sun in summer. However, it has many more uses than that…a hat, a headband, a wristband, the list goes on! And with 2 Wrags in each pack you will never be short of one. It even passes as the mandatory hat in fell race kit requirements.

Specifications - Inov-8 Wrag:

  • Versatility: Can be worn several ways to protect head and ears or neck. Most commonly worn as bandanna or hat.
  • Stay warm and protected: Ensures protection form all elements, including wind, rain and sun.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry: Weighs just 30g and can be tied around the wrist when not been used on the head.
  • Race ready: Suitable as part of mandatory kit when race directors rule a hat must be carried.
  • Weight: 30g / 1.1oz
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Fast wicking
  • Versatile
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