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Fjallraven Jackets

Fjallraven Jackets

Take a look at our fast growing range of Fjallraven outerwear here. We stock a wide range of high quality, stylish and durable Fjallraven jackets, and the more we see, the more we love them.

The majority of the range is based around the highly adaptable G1000 fabric, with a little G1000 lite, softshell, fleece and insulation added for technical adaptations of the various types of jacket. G1000 is Fjallraven’s own unique fabric- a densely woven mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton with the addition of natural, environmentally responsible beeswax to provide amazing water resistance with a very high degree of breathability.

The greatest asset of the fabric is its amazing adaptability. Adding wax improves water repellence, so for the winter months provides an incredibly high degree of weatherproofing. The wax can then be washed out to lighten the jacket when the weather improves- simple procedures that can be done easily at home with a washing machine and an iron! This considerably extends the season of any jacket- as you can increase or decrease water repellence as the need arises…

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  • Fjallraven Greenland Jacket

    NOW: £211.50

    RRP: £235.00 | SAVE: 10%

  • Fjallraven Keb Padded Jacket W

    NOW: £180.00

    RRP: £200.00 | SAVE: 10%

  • Fjallraven High Coast Wind Anorak

    NOW: £134.95

    RRP: £150.00 | SAVE: 10%

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3 Item(s)