SOTO Navigator Cook Set

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The SOTO Navigator Cook Set includes everything you need to make a meal at camp and packs down into a compact easy to carry design...

Our View – SOTO Navigator Cook Set:

The SOTO Navigator Cook Set is an all in one camp cooking set with everything you need to make a full meal. Each element has been designed to serve a specific purpose or purposes and can be combined to fulfil all the things you need to do to make your meal from scratch.

Made from lightweight anodized aluminum the Navigator Cook Set is robust and corrosion resistant. Coming with its own carry case as well as an insulated ‘Navi Cozy’ to keep your food hotter for longer.

Specifications – SOTO Navigator Cook Set:

  • Solo cookware for a day trip
  • Combine parts as needed
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Deep anodizing treatment for strength
  • Shock resistant and corrosion resistant
  • The Navi Cozy keeps hot food hot 6 times longer than without
  • Slip-on belt secures grip when in use
  • The Navi Duo Handle is both a handle and tongs
  • The Navi Multi-functional lid can be used as a cutting board, fuel canister stabilizer, or a convenient colander
  • SOTO Non-slip base on pot
  • Easy Clean
  • Weight - 17 oz
  • Dimensions - 7.5 × 7.5 × 3.6 in
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