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The Silva Free 2000 S (2000 lumen headlamp + 24.1 Wh battery) is the ultimate lamp and battery combination for runners who want to optimize every gram...

Our View – Silva Free 2000 S:

The Silva Free 2000 S (2000 lumen headlamp + 24.1 Wh battery) is the ultimate lamp and battery combination for runners who want to optimize every gram. The design and build gives you more light in a smaller, smoother, and more versatile headlamp - all thanks to several innovative features. It’s got all the cables integrated in the headband for a better experience and optimal cooling for higher performance. All packed into the world’s first modular headlamp.

The Silva Free 2000 S was designed for more comfort, more light and more flexibility.  A real creation of more out of less. Less hassle, less heat, less complexity. The design features many new innovations out of the challenges faced by typical active headtorch usersand resulted in the removal of everything that was unnecessary and made everything that was needed even better.

Silva Free has the power cord integrated in the headband. You never need to bother with distracting cords ever again. Feeling free is now a more comfortable experience.

Cooling is essential for how well the headlamp performs. The Free Airflow technology is developed together with experts within thermodynamics and means that the lamps are designed with an optimized aluminum cooler together with a protective plastic case that provides maximum ventilation and cooling, even when standing still. The result is high quality light regardless of the activity, even when the airflow or cooling is not optimal.

An all new modular design means less complexity and more flexibility with all the parts and accessories being interchangeable which means that you can complement or upgrade your lamp with a different battery, lamp head unit or mount kit. The lamp unit and battery can easily be disconnected from the headband to instead be mounted on your helmet, your bike bar or frame.

Silva Intelligent Light is a double beam technology featured in all Silva Free headlamps. The combination of a long reach spot light and a close flood light results in led head movement, better control, improved balance, less fatigue and higher speed.

Silva Free is a headlamp series with mix and match availability. Choose between three different lamp units, four batteries and three mount options. All parts are interchangeable, so you don’t need to buy a new headlamp for your different activities. Simply just add another lamp unit, battery and mount kit to your setup. All parts can be bought separately.

Choosing the right headlamp is a lot about finding the right balance between lumen (light), burn time and weight. These are all affected by each other, so finding the right balance for you depends on what activity you will be using your headlamp for. Therefore, you need to consider the relationship between brightness and how long you want spend time outdoor, as well as the speed and terrain. The faster you move and the more challenging terrain, the more powerful light you need. Choose Free 1200 and a lighter battery (XS or S) when your main activity is trail running, cross country skiing and ski touring. Choose Free 2000-3000 and a heavier (M or L) battery when you move at high speed and in demanding terrains like mountain biking, ski mountaineering and skiing.

Specifications - Silva Free 2000 S:

  • 2000 lumen light output
  • Weight 124 g excl battery / 273 g incl battery
  • Max mode: 2000 lm / 1-2 h burn time / 180 m (591 ft) light distance
  • Med Mode: 800 lm / 2.5 - 5 h burn time / 115 m (377 ft) light distance
  • Min mode: 80 lm / 25 h burn time / 45 m (148 ft) light distance
  • Lightweight & rechargeable 24.1 Wh (3.35 Ah) battery with battery indicator
  • 3 brightness levels – ranging from 80 to 2000 lumen
  • USB-C Charge cable is included
  • More lumen in a smaller lamp head
  • Headband with integrated electronics
  • Free technology, no cords – no hassle
  • Silva Intelligent light – a unique combination of a long reach spotlight and a close flood light
  • Silva Flow Light - vary the light pattern depending on your activity
  • Air flow technology for optimal cooling
  • Modular technology for easy mix and match of lamp heads and batteries
  • Water resistant – both headlamp and battery meet IPX5 standard
  • Red safety light at the back of the head
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