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EXCLUSIVE! Product Review - Salomon S-Lab XT 6


The Salomon S-Lab XT 6 is a serious trail running shoe. It has been a popular choice with elite ultra runners for many years and it’s easy to see why. This year Salomon have improved the shoe even further, keeping the best bits of previous models and adding elements from its ever growing racing knowledge...

We've got some exclusive stock of the Salomon S-Lab XT 6 coming very soon - for further details on the Salomon S-Lab XT 6 and for information on how to get a pair take a look at our Salomon XT 6 product pages.


The XT 6 is designed to be tough, it’s designed to withstand the ups and the downs, the rough and the smooth. It relishes challenges and helps you overcome them.

This isn’t the lightest shoe on the market (330g) but that’s not its aim. The XT 6 is about protection, comfort and support making it an ideal choice for training and longer events.


There is masses of support in the Salomon XT 6 from the ground up. The outsole is designed specifically for hard, rocky, generally dry trails although it does offer enough grip should conditions deteriorate and can easily handle wet grass and a bit of mud.


You feel fully supported and protected in the S-Lab XT 6 and it’s the structures and materials of the midsole that are mainly to thank for this. There is a significant amount of support and control from the pronation post which is a welcome addition especially towards the end of a long hard event where your feet are crying out for that additional support. The Agile Chassis System provides a rock steady shoe that isn’t going to be knocked of course easily, the chassis cradles the foot holding it nicely over uneven terrain.


As the S-Lab XT 6 is designed for use on hard trails, the cushioning is as expected, really good. With 20mm and 9.5mm sole depth in the rear and forefoot respectively you can see why the shoe feels so good. This level of cushioning is again appreciated during long runs and especially on hard ground. They are equally at home on road for significant stretches which, with today’s world of mixed terrain events, is perfect.


As with all Salomon’s racing shoes, the fit is one of being wrapped and hugged by the shoe rather the shoe being an addition to the foot. This leads to a confident foot placement and very little movement of the foot inside the shoe, reducing any risk of rubbing. The quicklace system tights and secures the shoe, while the upper closes comfortable around the foot thanks the welded Sensifit. The inclusion in the new XT 6 of Salomon’s seamless endoFIT upper is a really nice improvement ensuring a soft and comfortable feel against the foot with minimal opportunities for irritating seams to cause hot spots.


In action the S-Lab XT 6 is a confidence building shoe, worn in knowledge that whatever you face on today’s run the shoe is going to protect you. The Salomon S-Lab XT 6 is an ideal training shoe for those who prefer more minimal racing shoes or a great choice for long distance races where the additional support and comfort is paramount.


We've got some exclusive stock of the Salomon S-Lab XT 6 coming very soon - for further details on the Salomon S-Lab XT 6 and for information on how to get a pair take a look at our Salomon XT 6 product pages.

We’ve been working closely with Salomon and we’ve been really lucky to get a host of new Salomon products to play with – the Salomon S-Lab XT 6 is due in soon and you can pre order the Salomon S-Lab XT 6 NOW. Plus keep an eye on our news section ( or facebook page for up to date details.