Paramo - Welcome to our Paramo clothing section. We stock a very wide range of Paramo clothing and accessories and here at Castleberg Outdoors, we’ve been a Paramo retailer for the past 20+ years!

With such a long history of stocking the Paramo brand, as a Paramo retailer we have built up an unrivalled knowledge of Paramo clothing and how it can work for you. Why Paramo? Well, in our opinion Paramo clothing offers some distinct advantages over many other outdoor brands. Firstly and foremost, the company is a UK-based company and much of Paramo’s research and product development is done in the UK for UK customers. That means the products are honed to work well in the UK climate (i.e. lots of rain in the hills and ‘challenging’ conditions) and also that they are designed to fit UK bodies and have UK fit options (Paramo often size for short, extra short and long leg lengths).

Alongside the UK focus, Paramo are genuinely an ethical and environmentally low impact company. Many of their waterproof and higher value clothing products are made ethically at a co-operative project they support in Columbia. Paramo are also one of the few and first outdoor clothing companies to move to PFC free production.

We also find Paramo works really well for us. Our store is located in Settle, North Yorkshire and we’re right in the dales and see a lot of hill walkers and ramblers in the store. We like Paramo because it’s a solid investment for hill walking clothing – it lasts a long time (customers give us testimonials as the to quality of Paramo every day!) and performs perfectly even after years of use.

If you need to know more about Paramo clothing or want some advice, talk to us – we really know what we are talking about and we can help.