Hanwag – Welcome to our Hanwag footwear section. We stock a range of Hanwag boots and products and have been stocking the brand for a few years now. Hanwag (named after founder Hans Wagner) started making walking boots and shoes back in 1921. They are known and well-respected for making high end walking boots using high quality materials.

The core of the Hanwag walking boot range are boots and shoes designed for customers looking for high quality, hard wearing and durable footwear. Hanwag’s design expertise making alpine footwear means that you are buying a Hanwag walking boot or shoe built with years of experience. Whilst Hanwag boots are focused on using traditional craftsmanship and techniques to make high end boots, under the surface there is a lot of innovation and technology.

Alongside innovation and expertise, the Hanwag range has been evolving into fits that work better for customers. Hanwag boots can accommodate most foot types and Hanwag have been making great strides in making fits for the wider foot and bunion specific models. All in all, having sold the brand in our store for many years, we can thoroughly recommend the quality and life you’ll get from Hanwag boots.

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  1. Hanwag Alta Bunion Lady GTX - Mocca/Black
    Hanwag Alta Bunion II Lady GTX
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