Arcade Belts

Arcade Belts have been designed with the aim of reinventing the belt category for the outdoor industry with a go anywhere, do anything, always in comfort approach. The belts are built from the ground up with performance and function in mind, from materials designed for the outdoors, they offer a great alternative to the traditional rigid leather and stiff webbing belts on the market.

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  1. Arcade Belts Lookout
    Arcade Belts Lookout
    WEB PRICE: £30.00
    in-store price: £30.00
  2. Arcade Vista Adventure Belt - Tumbleweed
    Arcade Realm Adventure Belt
    WEB PRICE: £25.00
    in-store price: £25.00
  3. Arcade Belts Ranger / Standard (4cm) / Navy
    Arcade Belts Ranger
    WEB PRICE: £25.00
    in-store price: £25.00
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