Knockaround Sunglasses

Knockaround was founded in 2005 by Ace during his time as a graduate art student at the University of California, San Diego. They produce shades that won't break the bank!

Merging the classic East Coast prep style of his Virginia upbringing, his interest in design and fashion, and a newfound love for the perpetually sunny, laid-back lifestyle of Southern California, Ace created a company centered around a sunglasses line that was both practical and stylish.

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  1. Knockaround Kids Polarized Premiums
    Knockaround Kids Polarized Premiums
    WEB PRICE: £20.00
    in-store price: £20.00
  2. Clear Grey/Sunset
    Knockaround Premiums Sport Polarized Sunglasses
    WEB PRICE: £30.00
    in-store price: £30.00
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