Shokz Headphones

Shokz Headphones have been designed to address the growing problem of wearing headphones in traffic which is dangerous and becoming a big safety problem. There are more and more laws and regulations governing wearing headphones while biking and driving coming into effect around the world. Shokz Headphones allow you to be safe and abide the law thanks to their bone conduction technology that means you can listen to your favourite music or podcast whilealso being able to hear anything going on in the surrounding area.

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  1. Shokz Openrun Pro - Blue
    Shokz Openrun Pro
    WEB PRICE: £159.95
    in-store price: £159.95
  2. Shokz Openrun - Cosmic Black
    Shokz Openrun
    WEB PRICE: £129.95
    in-store price: £129.95
  3. Shokz OpenMove - Blue
    Shokz OpenMove
    WEB PRICE: £79.95
    in-store price: £79.95
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