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Wildo Fire-Flash Pro Small

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The Wildo Fire-Flash Pro Small is a compact, highly durable and reliable way to ignite a fire in any conditions...

Our View – Wildo Fire-Flash Pro Small:

The Wildo Fire-Flash Pro Small compact, highly effective and reliable fire steel lighter, ensuring you get the ignition you need in all weather conditions. Simply drag the striker firmly against the rod to create sparks.

The Fire-Flash is functional, durable and lightweight. The pro version has a thicker steel with sharper edges for even more spark generation. The pro version also has an ergonomic grip for a comfortable, secure hold while lighting.

Specifications - Wildo Fire-Flash Pro Small:

  • Steel blade for sparking
  • Ergonomically profiled grip
  • Larger diameter for prolonged use
  • Rod size: 6.1 x 0.6 cm / 2.40 x 0.24 in
  • Weight – 35g
  • Material – Ferrocerium
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