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EC3D Compression Gear

ec3d logoEC3D is one of the few compression clothing companies that utilises medical knowledge of compression benefits to design their products. The result is that their gear is proven to do what it claims to do!

The EC3D compression wear is the culmination of 15 years of dedicated development by medical professionals and sports injury experts. The result is a range of 3-D seamless compression garments that are scientifically designed to help optimise how your body operates and thus improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

EC3D describe their products as “anatomically specific calibrated compression garment that fit like a second skin”. What this means in the real world is exceptionally comfortable clothing which provides exactly the right amount of compression in exactly the right places.

EC3D Compression ShortGood quality compression wear such as EC3D offers the following benefits:

IMPROVED BLOOD CIRCULATION – compression clothing improves blood flow through the body enhancing oxygen delivery and waste product removal from working muscles to enhance endurance and promote recovery.

IMPROVED MUSCLE ALIGNMENT & POSTURE – when your muscles are well supported your posture improves which can enhance efficiency and improve stability.

REDUCED MUSCLE MOVEMENT – strategically positioned support for muscles reduces their vibration and oscillation which can cause micro-damage resulting in pain and impaired performance.

IMPROVED RECOVERY – wearing EC3D compression garments immediately after strenuous exercise for at least 3 hours has been shown to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.

With so many benefits to be had, there really is no excuse for not using compression to enhance your sports performance and recovery. We have picked a few favourites from the EC3D range and explained how they can benefit you…

EC3D Solid Compression Calf Sleeve

EC3D Compression Sleeve Rose

Perhaps the most commonly seen compression item is the calf sleeve and for good reason. Your calf muscles take a lot of abuse whatever activity you are doing. Think about the force they are required to absorb with every foot strike and then convert this to energy to propel you forward. They deserve some support!

The EC3D calf sleeves offer scientifically proven support that helps to stabilise the calf muscle and help to keep them strong and efficient however hard you work. Worn during activity the graduated compression will help to maintain blood flow and slow down the rate of fatigue. Additional benefits of the EC3D calf sleeves are a reduced risk of cramp and they are also offer excellent reduction in the pain associated with shin splints.

EC3D Compression Shorts

EC3D Compression Short

Your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles are the major power providers for the majority of movements especially running and biking. Therefore wearing a compression short helps to ensure they are in the best possible position to perform this role optimally. The EC3D Compression Shorts offer excellent compression to the full length of the upper leg and up onto the lower abdomen which offers additional support to many other compression brands. By stabilising as bigger area of the bodies core as possible, you get maximal stabilisation and optimal performance benefits as it encourages the body to work together. A final nice touch to the EC3D Compression Shorts is the inclusion of gel pockets to allow you to carry fuel or small essentials with you when out training, a feature that few compression garments include.

Compression Bra Top

EC3D Compression BraOne for the ladies! Regardless of your size, a good quality, supportive sports bra is an essential element of your sporting wardrobe not only for comfort but also from a health perspective, without adequate support you risk damaging the ligaments which help support your breasts.

The EC3D Compression Bra Top is super supportive without feeling restrictive. EC3D have achieved this by structuring the position of high compression above and below the breasts to provide support without the need for uncomfortable under-wiring or multiple solid layers of material. The wide shoulder straps add further support and also ensure there is no digging.

The soft seamless fabric is brilliantly comfortable and prevents any risk of rubbing and chaffing during movement, whilst the T-back design maintains a full range of unrestricted movement.

If you are ready to take a step into the range of benefits associated with compression wear take a look at the full EC3D Compression range here.