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New Thule Rucksacks now in stock - are these the best rucksacks yet?

Thule rucksacks? Really? Don’t they make roof racks and car accessories? Well yes, Thule are best known in the UK for that but they also make some great rucksacks and we are really pleased to have them in stock.

As you may know, Thule is a quality brand and is design centred using quality and modern materials. Thule has taken this approach in their development of a range of rucksacks that are really interesting. They are well made, highly featured and use the highest quality materials with some interesting design details.

Putting this together with the fact that Thule is a Swedish brand where the outdoors is wild and very imbedded into culture and Thule rucksacks are built to withstand harsh environments and carry loads over tough ground in comfort. They are also designed to be good looking, clean and stylish as well as functional and long lasting.

Thule packs range from 15L to over 75L and we’re stocking a range of them to suit our customer base here in Settle. The larger bags all feature clever, micro adjustable carry systems whilst the smaller bags are great for everyday use and adventures in the hills.

Larger packs utilise innovative back systems that offer excellent levels of adjustability in back length (& shoulder/hip belt width in some cases) as well as maintaining excellent ventilation and carrying comfort.

Most packs come with integrated rain covers and some of the larger packs use the excellent Thule StormGuard system which incorporates a 3/4 length raincover with a built in waterproof 'liner' in the bottom section of the pack which has the benefit of retaining access to side pockets and also keeping contents dry when you put the pack down.

Many of the Thule rucksacks feature easy reach side pockets – ideal for carrying water bottles or other accesories.

Most of the packs have well-padded hip belts that feature useable pockets and many feature the Thule “VersaClick” system that allows you to interchange pockets/pole holders/drink holders as you need.

All the materials are top end – very light, tough and weather resistant.

Zips are always a key feature in packs and the Thule range use high end ZKK zips for everything. Buckles too are sturdy, high density fittings designed for years of use over all temperatures.

We’ve started our Thule Rucksack range with the most popular models – the Versant, Capstone and Stir – you can take a look at the range of Thule Rucksacks and accessories in our Thule Rucksack section. We also have some models available to try before you buy so get in touch if you are interested in seeing what these great packs have to offer.