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Paramo Women's Cambia Zip Neck

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The Paramo Women's Cambia LS Zip Neck is a long sleeve base layer with a zip neck and features Paramo super soft and comfortable base layer material. It's breathable and practical and really performs on the hill...

Our View - Paramo Women's Cambia LS Zip Neck:

The Paramo Women’s Cambia Zip Neck is ideal for women doing a wide range of outdoor activities, especially high intensity activities when you need to manage your sweat to stay dry and comfortable, even when you stop moving.

Sun protection is beneficial too and the Parameta T+ fabric provides UV protection (SPF 25+ equivalent) and wicks moisture laterally to reduce pooling and enhance evaporation and cooling when needed. The fabric also moves moisture from one face to the other, which, when directed away from your body, offers greater insulation.

The Paramo Women’s Cambia Zip Neck offers high levels of versatility. Ideal as a baselayer, the half zip allows ventilation to be personalised to individual needs year-round. Unique among technical t-shirts & base layers, reversibility means two fabric faces allow you to fine-tune your comfort level simply by choosing which way out you wear the t-shirt. Maximum versatility with reversible function!

Specifications - Paramo Women's Cambia LS Zip Neck:

  • Designed to be reversible to provide variable cooling; The smooth face of the fabric reduces pooling of perspiration to eliminate cold spots after exercise. The honeycomb face of the fabric provides ‘dry’ comfort in cooler conditions.
  • Optimum ventilation from deep chest zip with chin guard at top.
  • Complete freedom of movement with comfort from soft, stretchy fabric.
  • Exceptionally lightweight and rapid drying, ideal for travel and expedition use.
  • High collar for maximum protection against the elements and additional comfort.
  • Thoughtful design and flat seams ensure it is comfortable whichever way out it is worn.
  • Long sleeves, easily pushed up for cooling.
  • Average weight - 160g
  • Produced in Colombia by MIQUELINA, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. Guaranteed Fair Trade.
  • Fully recyclable through Paramo.
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