Smidge Quick Untick Card

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Make sure you're prepared for the possibility of a tick getting attached with the really handy Smidge Quick Untick Card. Keep it in your wallet just in case...

Our View – Smidge Quick Untick Card:

This clever little credit-card sized device is perfectly designed to remove ticks quickly and easily. The Smidge Quick Untick Card has two different-sized notches for both small and large ticks.  It also incorporates a magnifying glass to help inspect the tick.  The safe and quick removal of a tick reduces the change of infection, including with Lyme disease and as the card will slip easily into a purse or wallet, it should be an essential part of your outdoor gear.  It's great for your pets as well and the smaller of the two card notches is also perfect for removing insect stings and thorns. 

Specifications – Smidge Quick Untick Card:

  • The card comes with an information wallet, with full instructions for use.
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