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Trail Running Packs

This is our Trail Running Packs section. Trail running rucksacks, packs and vests are an important part of training and racing for trail and fell runners and also an essential for ultra-runners and anyone covering longer distances in the mountains. Trail running packs are also great alternatives to traditional hiking packs for those looking to go lightweight and travel faster. They generally have a smaller carrying capacity but tend to have a more stable fit and offer plenty of easily accessible storage options around the pack.

Why do you need a trail running pack? If you are running and training in the hills or competing in an event in mountainous terrain, these can be an essential to carry all the gear you need to keep you safe, hydrated and fed. The advantage of using a trail running pack to carry your gear is that it’s designed to be comfortable and stable in carrying lighter loads and ideal for running and covering hilly ground and mountains.

With races requiring increasing levels of mandatory equipment, getting a running pack that fits it all in and remains comfortable and stable has become a challenge. We have a range of trail running packs that offer a variety of capacities and levels of performance. All of these running packs look to make carrying loads as comfortable as possible and many of the leading trail running packs offer a range of fits and fit/design options for female runners too.

What to look for in a trail running pack.

  1. Capacity -  the size of the pack dictates how much it can carry, the stability, fit and weight of the pack and much more besides. There’s plenty of wisdom in looking for a pack that will cater for the majority of your runs and races without going for the largest size possible
  2. Fit – Best of all is to visit a retailer and try some packs on. There’s no substitute for trying on different packs and brands – there’s plenty of choice now and everyone is a different size. If you can’t do that, look for a trail running pack that comes in different sizes and check out the size guides or contact us to find out the best size for you
  3. Race vs Training. There’s trail running packs that are built for racing – with lightweight materials and minimalist features. There’s also plenty of packs that will suit racing and training (and event general use). Whilst weight is a factor (generally these are using more robust materials – hence heavier weight) there’s a trail running vest or pack that’s ideal for all the things you need it to do.
  4. Hydration – hydration storage is a key element in trail running packs. It’s the most important part of your provisions for staying out in the hills and getting a pack with the right amount of carrying capacity means that you can cover the distance and time you need in the hills. Look for decent front and back bottle holders and provision for hyradration bladders.

From ultra-light running packs to training packs, our range is selected for stability, performance and quality. If you need any advice to discuss options, information on fit or features. Please get in touch with one of our team - we can help and will be happy to do so.

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  • OMM Ultra 8

    NOW: £36.00

    RRP: £40.00 | SAVE: 10%

  • OMM Ultra 12

    NOW: £49.50

    RRP: £55.00 | SAVE: 10%

  • OMM Phantom 20

    OMM Phantom 20

    NOW: £96.00

    RRP: £120.00 | SAVE: 20%

  • OMM Ultra 15

    NOW: £58.50

    RRP: £65.00 | SAVE: 10%

  • OMM Phantom 12

    OMM Phantom 12

    NOW: £79.95

    RRP: £100.00 | SAVE: 20%

  • Ultimate Direction Access 20

    Ultimate Direction Access 20

    NOW: £14.00

    RRP: £28.00 | SAVE: 50%

Set Ascending Direction

Items 49 to 54 of 54 total

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