Raidlight have really upped their game with their new trail shoe offerings. Read on to see what all the fuss is about...We are huge fans of Raidlight packs and apparel and although they have had trail running shoes in their range for several years, it is only this year that we feel they have really nailed the design and performance, so we have decided to get them in store for you enjoy too.

We're currently stocking 2 models; the Revolutiv and the Responsiv XP which are aimed at slightly different trail running demands. Read on to see which suits your needs best...


The Revolutiv has a slightly more aggressively outsole grip than the Responsiv XP with a 6mm lug depth that provides excellent traction on a wide range of surfaces from mud to rock. The latter is also helped by the sticky rubber compound that really grips to the surface.

The second major feature is the 'Tendon Wrapping System' that is a sock-like on-piece liner that helps hold the foot securely and support it as you traverse technical terrain. We think it is also an extremely comfortable design!

Delivered with speed-laces the Revolutiv is quick and easy to get on and off and to adjust on the fly. If you're not a fan of the system, the shoes also come with standard laces so you can switch them out should you wish.

Cushioning is taken care of via Raidlights Sensor 3 dual density midsole system that has been specifically designed to provide different densities of cushioning at strategically positioned points for optimal shock absorption and rebound meaning not only will you feel less impact but you will also be propelled into your next stride.

With a 6mm drop the Revolutiv is low enough to ensure you feel in touch with the ground an provide a fast, responsive feel without being so low to feel minimal and putting too much pressure on the lower leg muscles.

All-in-all the Revolutiv is an extremely comfortable trail running shoe that will be a welcome choice for runners looking to take their trail adventures onto rougher terrain.


On the face of it the Raidlight Responsiv XP looks the more traditional of the two shoes but it is packed with technical features that really impress in action.

Aimed at longer races and training the Responsiv XP is all about maximal comfort, support and protection. To ensure this the foot is held securely in place the RL XP support system wraps around the midfoot and the laces pull it close for confident traversing terrain.

Cushioning wise the Responsiv XP utilises the same Sensor 3 midsole for impact protection and an efficient responisv ride. The outsole with its 4mm lugs is better suited to drier, less muddy trails making this an excellent trail shoe for mixed terrain and even performs well on sections of road.

The Responsiv XP has a slightly lower drop at 4mm but this is still a solid amount that doesn't feel too aggressive but allows you run in a slightly more efficient manner whilst also enhancing your connection with the ground.

Both shoes fit and feel exceptionally comfortable straight out of the box and we think these are going to be a popular choice for a wide range of runners. The choice between the two is really up to you depending on the surface you typically run on but either way we're sure you won't be disappointed.

For full details and to buy visit our Raidlight section here.

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