Firepot Baked Apple Porridge / Regular 125g

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The Firepot Baked Apple Porridge is a tasty, hearty, dehydrated expedition breakfast that is easy to carry and prepare in the great outdoors...

Our View – Firepot Baked Apple Porridge:

The Firepot Baked Apple Porridge is a hearty breakfast of organic porridge oats. Served with fresh apples, sliced and baked with golden raisins, demerara sugar, lemon, ginger and cinnamon.

A winner of the Taste of the West Award 2020 is as fresher a breakfast as we could find. In each portion, you'll find a whole apple baked with freshly squeezed lemons, warming spices, and sweet golden raisins, all rounded off with dark demerara sugar. A brilliant absorber of flavours, we've taken rolled organic porridge oats and used them to form a deliciously creamy base for our sticky baked apple mix.

Specifications - Firepot Baked Apple Porridge:

  • Fresh apples (46%), Organic porridge oats (36%), Raisins (5%), Demerara sugar (7%), Rye flakes, Lemon juice, Coconut oil, Cinnamon, Salt, Ginger, Nutmeg.
  • Allergens: Rye flakes
  • Weight: 125g (regular)
  • Calories: 500kcal (regular)
  • Water usage: 400ml (regular)
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