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Mountain King Trail Blaze Poles

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The Mountain King Trail Blaze Poles have a 4 piece aluminium construction which is lightweight and strong. Ideal for trail runners or fast and light hikers…

Our View - Mountain King Trail Blaze Poles:

The Mountain King Trail Blaze is a super lightweight aluminium folding pole which is ideal for fast hiking or trail running. It can be dispatched and re-folded quickly and easily and takes up very little space either inside or using a packs attachment loops. The 4-piece construction is strong and operates via a pull cord which runs through the inside.

A simple but effective handle ensures you have a secure grip which is aided further by the adjustable wrist strap. The handle material allows airflow to prevent moisture and heat build-up. When not in use the poles come with their own mesh carry bag to keep them securely together.

The Mountain King Trail Blaze poles are a popular choice for trail runners and walkers alike looking for a reasonably priced lightweight set of poles.


Specifications - Mountain King Trail Blaze Poles:

  • 4 Section aluminium trail pole
  • Carbide wear tip
  • Wrist strap
  • Airflow grip
  • Trekking baskets
  • Mesh bag
  • Length 110 cm - Weight 115 grams
  • Length 115 cm - Weight 120 grams
  • Length 120 cm - Weight 125 grams
  • Length 125 cm - Weight 130 grams
  • Length 130 cm - Weight 135 grams
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