The Black Diamond Pursuit range is new this year and we take an in depth look at the range topping walking poles...

Black Diamond Pursuit FLZ Trekking Poles - Black/Octane

Black Diamond Pursuit FLZ are strong, collapsible walking poles that offer walkers the same practicality and versatility that runners have enjoyed via the Black Diamond Distance FLZ for several years. Lightweight and versatile the Pursuit FLZ poles are an excellent set of poles that will serve you well in pretty much every situation and last for years.

Whereas the Distance FLZ are made from ultralightweight carbon fibre, the Pursuit FLZ utilises super strong aluminium. For a minimal weight penalty, you gain added strength and durability for 4-seasons use. The inclusion of a snow bosket also highlights the Pursuits all year-round credentials.

Super compact size

The range topping Pursuit FLZ’s are especially suited to walking and hiking adventures where travel is also involved and/or weight is a concern thanks to their extremely small size when folded down. This is achieved thanks to their z-pole design whereby the 3-sections fold neatly and thus easily fit inside a suitcase or travel bag to get to your destination This low volume and light weight design is also highly advantageous if you’re looking to keep the weight of your pack down when hiking.

Fast & easy deployment and fold mechanism

In use the Pursuit FLZ poles couldn’t be easier to use. To deploy simply pull down the top section just below the handle which extends the pole and locks the sections in place. To fold away simply press the easy press button just below the flicklock adjustment and push the top section back into the handle, releasing the lower sections which can then be folded together.

Lower section folding mechanism

One of the big selling points of the FLZ range is the ability to adjust the poles length when traditionally z-poles would have been a fixed length. Black Diamond have achieved this by adding a flicklock adjustment to the top section of the pole that gives you 15cm of adjustment making the poles even more versatile on terrain of changing gradient.

Flicklock length adjustment in the top section

As well as the length adjustment, the poles also feature an extended grip. What this means is that below the super comfortable natural cork grip there is an extension to the handle that essentially works as a shorter pole for short changes in gradient.

Extended grip for quick changes in hand position

The natural cork grips help to manage moisture very well in hot conditions, while the extended grips are made from algae-infused Bloom foam which highlights Black Diamonds focus on reducing environment impact. Further evidence for this eco-friendly focus is the wrist straps made from post-consumer recycled fibres.

Natural cork grip for comfort & moisture management

The poles come in two lengths; Small/Medium which are adjustable between 110cm and 125cm making them suitable for a height for approximately 154-186cm and Medium/Large with an adjustment range of 125-140cm for heights over approximately 172cm. As well as differing lengths the two sizes also have proprietary ergonomic grip geometry that accommodates smaller and larger hands respectively.

Two lengths and different hand grip size accomodate differing body heights

As well as snow basket attachments, the Pusuit FLZ poles also come with two kinds of interchangeable tech tips; one carbide, best suited to softer ground and icy conditions, and one rubber for better grip on rocky, hard surfaces and also less damaging to the trails. Another neat feature is the 1.5-millimeter hex bit tool built into the top shaft of the pole for emergency maintenance on the trails.

Carbide Tech tips ideal for softer and icy conditions

The Black Diamond Pursuit FLZ poles really do tick all the boxes for fully featured hiking poles; collapsible, adjustable length, lightweight, compact, comfortable ergonomic grips, recycled materials, size specific features, multiple tips, snow baskets included and durable aluminium shafts. Very few folding poles are capable of offering all of these and the Pursuit FLZ does so while remaining highly packable for travel and carrying in your pack and being suitable for all-year round use. They may well be the only poles you ever need!

Soft, adjustable wrist straps made from post-consumer recycled fibres

The whole Black Diamond Pursuit range has been really well thought out and offers all the brands expertise in high mountain activities and fast and light adventures to everyone. Check out the other poles and packs in our Black Diamond section.