Returning in its 4th incarnation, there's a lot to like about the Topo Terraventure 4 WP as lightweight waterproof trail shoe, read on to find out why this maybe the shoe for you...

Topo Terraventure 4 WP Women's

We’ve stocked Topo shoes pretty much since its introduction into the UK and with good reason. Their shoes offer a relatively unique combination of a roomy toebox that helps toes align in their natural position for better balance, stability, and comfort. A secure hold through the midfoot and heel so you feel nimble, agile and secure no matter the terrain. And a low, but not zero, heel to toe drop that encourages a midfoot strike so you move naturally through the gait cycle. Add into this a focus on durability and reliability and you have the makings of brilliant range of running and walking shoes and boots.

The Topo Difference

The Topo Terraventure is a bit of a hybrid shoe in that it appeals to both walkers and runners. It is slightly heavier than a typical trail running shoe, but very much has the fit and feel of a running shoe meaning if you are looking for a runner that is more durable or a hiker that is lighter-weight then this is well worth a look.

Coming in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions, we’ve stocked all the previous versions of the Terraventure which indicates just how popular and versatile it is. The most recent arrival, the Terraventure 4 WP (standing for Waterproof) ticks a lot of boxes for our customers and our local area. The grippy, aggressive outsole, light but relatively durable upper, wider toebox fit makes a shoe of choice for trail runners and fast and light hikers who may be inclined to add in a bit of a jog now and then.

The grip comes from the ever-reliable Vibram Megagrip rubber and a well-designed outsole pattern that bites into mud as well as sticking brilliantly to rocky terrain. Interestingly, Topo are one of the few brands that use high quality, supportive insoles as standard. The OrthoLite insoles provide an excellent combination of cushioning, elasticity and bacteria-resistance for improved comfort and odour control.

Waterproofing is taken care of via eVent which is the original, air permeable waterproof footwear technology. The DVdry technology provides all-weather protection while remaining highly breathable so your feet won’t overheat. The breathability is taken care of via Direct Venting (DV) technology which utilises billions of microscopic pores to instantly vent water vapor (sweat) from inside the footwear. Waterproof from the outside & inside!

One thing to note though, is that although a lightweight waterproof shoe has lots of benefits, there are some things to consider; by the very nature of their design and materials used to make the shoes lightweight, they are not designed to withstand extremely wet, winter conditions, nor are they likely to last as long as a heavier, more durable leather shoe or boot. Additionally, a waterproof shoe is only waterproof to the ankle (!) so when there is deep mud and puddles there is a risk that water will get inside the shoes and once it’s in, its not getting out!

That is not to put to you off, but just to make sure you match your expectations with your purchase. If you are looking for a lightweight, wider fitting trail shoe that is suited to fast and light adventures then make sure you check out the Topo Terraventure 4 WP. We have lots of happy customers returning recalling the adventures these shoes have taken them on! To see the full specification and the full Topo range we stock click here.