Hanwag are a German brand based born out of the heart of Bavaria and have been manufacturing high quality hiking footwear for over 100 years. Moving with the times in terms of innovation and materials, they stand by their tradition of high quality handcrafted products.

Hanwag Alta Bunion II GTX

We’ve stocked the Hanwag Alta Bunion Boot for many years, and it has always been a hugely popular boot thanks to its design that is specifically suited to individuals suffering with either Bunions or simply having wider feet. The Alta Bunion II design is such that it has a wider, deeper and more forgiving forefoot, that means there is less pressure around the base joint of the big toe.

Aside from the specific Bunion features the Alta Bunion II is a brilliant walking boot in its own right thanks to its aggressive Vibram® Endurance Pro outsole that grips well in a wide range of terrains, sheds mud well and sticks to rock for enhanced confidence.

In addition to the excellent outsole the Hanwag Alta Bunion sole unit features a reinforced PU foam wedge for softer cushioning and a more efficient, energy saving roll-off, which, together with the Bunion last, provides even better support and protection for the vulnerable toe joints.

Upper-wise, the Alta Bunion is made from the highest-quality, highly durable nubuck leather which not only looks great, but also provides excellent protection against the elements and damage to the boot. In addition to the natural waterproof protection from the leather, the boot also utilises a GORE-TEX lining for added confidence that your feet will stay dry.

Hanwag Tatra II GTX Wide, Banks GTX, Alta Bunion II & Banks Lady.

Based on the quality of the Alta Bunion and the positive feedback from customers about them, we have recently increased the range of Hanwag boots we carry, introducing the Hanwag Banks GTX for men & women and the Tatra II Wide GTX for men. We feel that these boots offer something suitable for a lot of our customers needs.

Hanwag Lady Banks GTX

The Hanwag Banks has long been a staple in the brand's range and it’s easy to see why it has been retained without significant change for so long. It is a really comfortable, full leather nubuck boot with a GORE-TEX lining and is designed for walking in all terrains from flatter regions to easier mountain adventures. It fits perfectly as a middle of the range boot that is light enough, but equally durable enough for regular use, but isn’t as cumbersome and heavy as full-on mountain boot.

Hanwag Tatra GTX Wide

A step up in terms of protection, stiffness and the difficulty of terrain it is designed for, is the Hanwag Tatra II GTX and we are carrying in this in the even more comfortable wider last. Don’t think that this is going to be as roomy as, for example, boots built on the Meindl Comfort Fit last, because Hanwag as a brand is generally narrower, but it does give you that little extra space should you need or prefer that.

In addition to the comfort from the wider fit, the Tatra Wide also features nice details such as intelligent lacing and a soft, leather cuff that means this is a boot you will happily pull on for long days on the trails and multi-day treks where you can’t compromise on foot comfort or protection.

Hanwag as a brand epitomises the expected quality of a German-owned company with a lot of thought going into their boots design and high levels of quality control within the manufacturing process. It is also nice that the majority of the materials and manufacturing are European based, with the boots being made in Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can see our the full specifications of the boots in our Hanwag section here.