Injinji have always been well known for their bold, bright designs and colourways. This season they have stepped up their style even further...

Injinji Women's Trail Crew Socks - Artist Inspired

Injinji have always been well known for their bold, bright designs and colourways. Which, alongside their brilliant toesock properties makes them one of our most popular sock brands. This season the brand of exceeded themselves with some absolutely brilliant new colours and a limited edition, artist designed series that really stands out.

Unique Injinji Toe Sock Design

Injinji Toesock Benefits

A quick recap on Injinji’s unique selling points; Injinji toesocks are anatomically designed to fit and move with your foot, allowing full utilisation during movement.

Whereas a standard sock holds your toes together (you might not realise this until you actually try a toesock!) Injinji socks allow each individual toe its own space to move and contribute to foot function.

A big benefit we have seen from Injinji Toesocks is a reduction in blisters and hotspots. This is thanks not only to the materials physically separating each toe, but also the reduction in moisture build up by this separation and also the wicking materials (primarily Polyester and Merino wool) that move moisture away rather than absorbing it.

To summarise the 3 key advantages of Injinji socks, they are great for:

1) Blister Prevention

2) Total Foot Utilization

3) Moisture Management

Injinji Women's Trail Mini-Crew Socks - Artist Inspired - Stream

Styles, Weights, Heights and Fibre Differences When Injinji was started, their range was limited to one style and three colour options, the range available now could not be further from these modest roots with multiple weights, sock heights and fibre composition. This means there is sure to be something to meet your needs.

All Injinji socks feature seamless construction for a supportive, secure fit. The no-show length rests below the ankle and features a heel tab, the mini-crew length sits just on the ankle for debris protection and comfort. A quick overview of the range will hopefully help narrow down your choices...

Injinji Run Lightweight No Show
Injinji Run Women's Lightweight No Show

Men’s & Women’s Run Lightweight No Show & Mini-Crew – the thinnest sock suitable all types of runs & surfaces. COOLMAX EcoMade fibres to keep feet dry and cool. A band under the arch provides support and stability.

Injinji Run Lightweight Mini-Crew

Men’s & Women’s Ultra Run No Show/Mini-Crew & Crew –specifically designed for the longest, toughest runs. They feature cushioned terry throughout the foot and toes, to help absorb impact.

Injinji Women's Trail Crew Socks - Artist Inspired
Injinji Trail Mini-Crew Socks - Artist Inspired

Men’s & Women’s Trail Midweight Mini-Crew & Crew – designed to tackle gnarly off-road conditions thanks to their mid-weight cushioning. The snug, but not tight, the double-cuffed mini-crew provides excellent protection against trail debris and the crew length adds even more protection. Made from EcoMade fibres that wick away moisture efficiently and built in arch support helps fight fatigue.

Injinji Outdoor Mini-Crew & Crew Socks

Outdoor Midweight Mini-Crew & Crew – a crossover piece between running and hiking, the Injinji Outdoor socks are ideal for rugged tracks and trails in variable weather. Midweight cushioning provides excellent comfort and a breathable mesh top aids ventilation. The mini-crew height sits just above the ankle and the crew mid-calf height, both help keep trail debris out. The natural advantages of merino wool maximise breathability, odour control, UV protection and sustainability.

Injinji Liner Crew Wool

Liner Crew (Wool) – Layer the Liner Crew socks with an outer sock for added cushion and protection, or wear alone as a lightweight option in warmer weather. The Injinji Liner Crew is available made from either COOLMAX® EcoMade and nylon fibres or a Merino Wool blend depending on your preference.

Injinji also offer their own specific Liner + Hiker combinations which consists of a COOLMAX Liner sock and a well cushioned outer sock with a design that mirrors the shape of your toes, thus providing more room to allow spread and also reduce bunching.

Injinji Liner Crew Wool

Artist Designed Series New this season are the Artist Designed socks which feature “Creative Colourways Inspired By Nature” and created by talented artists. Each collection highlights a different artist in the outdoor community and showcases their unique style and story. The designs are bright, bold and guaranteed to catch the eye of your fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Check out the full range of Injinji Socks here.

Injinji Trail Crew Socks - Artist Inspired