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***CLOSEOUT SALE*** - The best trail running packs just got even better...

Don't miss out on the final opportunity to buy a brilliant Ultimate Direction Adventure 4.0 trail running pack, and at a bargain price too!...

The Ultimate Direction Signature Series 4.0 Packs are without doubt the most popular packs we've ever stocked and it's easy to see why. We've been lucky enough to get our hands on the last available stock in the UK and we're able to offer them to you at a great price.

Read on to find out what makes them so good and why you should take this opportunity to grab one before they go.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 4.0 - Coral

Available in men's and women's versions the Adventure Vest(a) is the biggest pack in the Signature Series 4.0 with a 16.4L capacity in the Men's version and 12.4L in the women's this is a vest that is designed for ultra-races and long training days.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 4.0 - Blue

The Ultimate Direction Adventure 4.0 Pack can carry all the compulsory gear you need for ultra-distance events as well as additional items you may want to take such as poles, extra layers, more food etc.

The main carrying capacity is located in the large zip compartment on the back and this secure storage instantly appeals to many users over the more common "stuff" design of many running packs. The compartment can be opened up fully so you can access items at the bottom without having to unload everything.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 4.0 - Lichen

Outside the main compartment there is a large stretch pocket that you stuff additional gear in and over that there is an elasticated bungee cord that you can use to lash further items to the pack such as layers you remove on the go. A really neat touch is the ability to re-route the bungee so you can compress the pack tightly if it isn't fully loaded.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 4.0 - Coral Front

It is perhaps the huge number of pockets and easy access elements on the front of the Ultimate Direction packs that really make them stand out. On the Adventure Vest(a) you get one soft flask specific pocket supplied with a Body Bottle 500 and another zip closed pocket that can take a 2nd bottle if needed or for carrying items you want to carry securely but may need to access quickly.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 4.0 - Blue Front

There are further pockets, both zip and mesh positioned on the shoulder straps and just to the side that can all be accessed easily on the go. These are ideal for snacks, compasses, GPS etc. If you need more fluid than two body bottles can provide, or you just don't like using them, the Adventure Vest(a) can also take a hydration bladder that is housed in a separate sleeve on the back which means you can refill your reservoir quickly and easily.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 4.0 - Coral

Fit wise the Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest(a) 4.0 is exceptional. Ultimate Direction have worked tirelessly to design a system that provides a precision fit and on the fly adjustments. This is achieved via the Cinch Technology system that pulls in the sides of the pack in to create a close, clothing like fit.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 4.0 - Cinch Technology

Adjusting the fit of the pack as you go is also super easy thanks to the pull toggle system which means you can keep a close fit constantly as you add or remove gear from the pack. Furthermore, the materials have been chosen to mould to your body shape and thus reduce movement and potential rubbing and irritation.

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 4.0 - On the Fly Adjustment

The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest(a) 4.0 packs really are a brilliant trail running packs and at the current price you really can't go wrong! Thanks to the large capacity it's likely to meet the demands of most trail running adventures and even if you don't think you need such a large capacity we generally advise people to buy slightly bigger than you currently need because you can always compress the pack, but you can't make a smaller one any bigger!

Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 4.0 - Lichen
Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 4.0 - Coral
Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 4.0 - Blue

Don't miss out! This really is the last opportunity you'll have to get your hands on these fantastic packs. Check out the deals in our Ultimate Direction section here.