La Sportiva ClothingWe’ve been considering La Sportiva Clothing for a while and this season has been a tester for what you think. In barely a week we’ve been really pleased with sales. We always look to stand out and be different and the La Sportiva clothing range is the perfect example of this. La Sportiva Clothing Bright and bold, colour co-ordinated and high quality the La Sportiva clothing captured our imagination a while back and we decided to order some stock this autumn to see how you liked it. La Sportiva Clothing The background is that La Sportiva has been making great footwear and clothing for a long time. We’ve been raving about La Sportiva footwear for a long time, it’s well-designed, perfectly suited to the UK trails and it’s durable and very capable. Whilst La Sportiva have been making a wide range of clothing for a long while, it’s only recently been available to order in the UK. As one of only a few stockists, we are really excited to get some stock. La Sportiva Clothing In our opinion, La Sportiva clothing is design-led: it’s high performance, functional and technical but has Italian style and flair. Al- in-all, it offers something different – a great look but high functionality and performance. La Sportiva Clothing This season we’ve focused on a few items that form the basis of an active/trail running range but we think these items are equally appealing to all outdoor enthusiasts. La Sportiva Clothing The Hail waterproof jackets are the central to the range – lightweight, highly breathable performance rain shells that are ideal for trail running through the winter. La Sportiva Clothing The Men’s range sees the Hustle vest – a lightly insulated windproof gilet with excellent breathability. La Sportiva Clothing We are also testing the Men’s Task Hybrid Jacket – ideal for cold weather activities or post/pre runs. La Sportiva Clothing We were really impressed with the bright and versatile mid layers – the Source, Enterprise and Stellar mid layers provide excellent insulation and look amazing. La Sportiva Clothing Troposphere and Neptune long sleeve base layers complete the basic line up offering warmth and light compression. All in all we thing the range looks brilliant. La Sportiva Clothing PS – alongside the key items, we’ve got a wide range of headwear accessories including beanies, headbands, neck tubes, balaclavas & caps. If you want to take a look at the range it’s all here in our La Sportiva section. As always do give us a shout if you want to chat about anything. [gallery ids="3559,3561,3560,3562,3563,3564,3565,3566,3567,3568,3569,3570,3571,3572,3573,3574,3575,3576,3577,3578,3579,3580"]