When On Running released the original Cloudventure Trail Running shoe, it certainly turned heads with its unique 'cloud' cushioning lugs, but it also caused a big stir in terms of its impressive performance. With the release of the new version, On appears to have retained all the good bits and taken on board all the feedback from wears to create what looks like a superb update... It is immediately obvious that the new Cloudventure has been 'beefed' up. In our opinion this is no bad thing as it means the shoe will appeal to a wider range of runners who perceived the original as a little bit too minimal for them or not robust enough for the terrain they tended to run on. The increased durability does mean that the new model weighs more (330g vs. 295g) but it's still my no means heavy and we'll take the extra weight if it means more protection and longevity. So lets start with the big changes. The main updates are to be seen on the outsole of the new Cloudventure with significantly bigger and deeper clouds that as well as providing cushioning also act as 'lugs' for grip. The Clouds are a lot firmer than the originals thanks to the deeper materials and the layer of Missiongrip rubber that overlays them. The result is increased traction, responsiveness and impact protection. As well as the altered Clouds, the outsole also ha a 'Mission Control’ design that incorporates multiple grip patterns for maximal grip on changeable terrain. Specifically there are areas of smoother rubber for grip on rock, patterned areas of rubber for traction on mixed terrain and finally the deep Cloud Cleats for wet, muddy conditions. The result of the improved outsole is a more stable base, increased durability and increased longevity. Cushioning and responsiveness are also increased thanks to the increased materials in the midsole. Upper wise On have retained the very impressive mesh upper that was a big hit in terms of fit and comfort as well as the lacing system that creates a secure hold for the foot. What they have changed is the randing around the lower part of the upper which is made from a tougher material to provide extra protection against rocks and trail debris further increasing the shoes durability. In summary, On have taken an already superb trail running shoe and given it an increased range of use by improving the grip, durability and protection it offers. If you are looking for a trail shoe that will provide a great fit, excellent cushioning and support mile after mile on a wide range of terrain then the Cloudventure is a great option. See the full details and buy here.