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Now Stocking Icebug Shoes...

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Icebug is a fast growing Swedish running brand with a focus on running shoes that provide exceptional grip on technical off-road terrain from snow and ice, to mud and rock...

It is the amazingly grippy outsole that has built Icebugs strong reputation in trail running across Europe. Their initial focus was on shoes to tackle the snow and ice of their Nordic surroundings and the result was “BUGrip” which utilised a super sticky rubber compound in combination with 15-19 integrated, dynamic steel studs.


Building on their initial success Icebug have started to introduce more shoes to their range, including the Acceleritas4 which following excellent feedback from our test athletes we have now decided to stock. You can view the availability here.


“Definitely the grippiest shoes I've ever worn on wet rock!” – A quote from one of testers sums up one of the major assets of the Acceleritas4. Finding a shoe that can tackle any terrain with confidence can be tricky but with the Icebug Acceleritas4 we think we have found a shoe that really fits the bill. The outstanding grip is achieved thanks to the RB9X rubber which sets a new standard in stickiness without compromising durability. Combine the sticky RB9X rubber with the aggressive lugs and you have a shoe that will keep your feet firmly on the ground - “Running on particularly steep slopes in wet conditions the Acceleritas4 bit into soft ground and held firm, giving much needed confidence when trying for a quick descent.”



“The upper works well at keeping the feet dry and sheds water quickly” – The material of the Acceleritas4 is very durable with a close knit that helps to prevent water getting inside. At first glance the material looks a little stiff but once on the feet it is remarkably supple and soft. The material is tough against rocks and trail debris and this is further enhanced by the reinforced rubber around the base.



“They feel extremely light to wear, so they feel really nice when running short and fast!” – The Acceleritas4 is a fairly minimalist shoe with just a 4mm heel to toe drop meaning that you are low to the ground and allow you to have a real feel for the terrain under your feet. At just 180g (ladies) and 200g (men) these are VERY lightweight. In fact, you hardly know you are wearing them such is their lightness and closeness of fit. As you would expect from such a lightweight shoe, the cushioning is less than more substantial shoes, but our testers found it perfect for protecting on a wide range of off-road terrain and really excelling when you want to run fast.



“They felt great straight away and I didn't feel like they took any time at all to “break in” - In addition to the low profile, the Acceleritas4 also has a very flexible midsole which allows the shoe to adapt to the ups and downs of the terrain and give a sure footing every step. This flexibility also means the shoe feels great from the first step and the supple upper can be pulled in close around the foot for a secure feel – “The lacing system worked very well, allowing a really tight fit around the foot to avoid the shoe slipping when traversing and contouring difficult slopes”.


The fit is relatively narrow, although even our testers with wider feet said they found the Acceleritas4 comfortable for racing so looks can be deceptive!


Thanks to our gear testers for trying out the Icebug Acceleritas4 for us and giving us honest and open feedback about them. You can read a great review of the shoes by Ross of Running Scotland here. Take a look at the rest of his Blogs while you are there too...great reads!

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In conclusion, the Icebug Acceleritas4 is a great addition to our trail running shoe range and will suit a wide range of people. The grip really is one of the best we have come across and if you are looking for a fast, durable and grippy running shoe the this is definitely worth a look.