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Paramo Bentu Windproof and Fleece jackets – a winning combination?

Our store has sold Paramo clothing for a long time and the Bentu is fast becoming a tried and tested option for many of our customers.

The Bentu comes as a fleece jacket (not just any fleece) and a windproof Jacket. It’s designed to be worn together or apart and when you start to look at how it’s designed to work it begins to make a lot of sense.

The Men’s Bentu Windproof and Fleece Jacket (in summary) are designed to make up a highly technical package of fabrics that together make a fully waterproof system, apart, they are very breathable, water resistant and can be worn flexibly as a ‘layering’ system that, depending on the conditions, can be altered changed easily.

In short, being two separate garments as well as one combined makes the Bentu combo a very flexible and versatile jacket system.

Before going into all the details of all the Bentu’s features, here’s a few examples of how it can be worn:

Heavy rain, wet and windy conditions – wear both fleece and windproof together for full waterproof protection

Windy, showery, changeable conditions – wear the windproof jacket on it’s own for breathability and light rain protection.

Cool, damp conditions with some light rain or mist – wear the fleece on it’s own for insulation and light rain protection

(there’s plenty of other examples besides)

The Paramo Bentu Windproof Jacket

The Bentu windproof is aimed clearly at the hill walker and hiker – with a regular cut and fit that’s well designed for hiking and trekking, the Bentu Windproof is water resistant (and can be treated with NikWax waterproofing treatment) and very breathable.

Paramo have designed the Bentu Windproof with practicality in mind. With generous pockets and a fully waterproofed hood and shoulders, the Bentu windproof is designed to withstand windy and wet weather in it’s own right.

The Paramo Bentu Fleece Jacket:

The Bentu fleece is made from a highly technical Nikwak waterproofed fleece fabric. It’s very fine and dense construction means that it acts as a directional liner – it actively beads water on it’s surface in light showers and works to actively direct perspiration and moisture to the outside of the jacket. The fit is designed to mirror the Bentu Windproof jacket and whilst the fabric is not ‘thick’ in the traditional fleece sense, it’s fine weave makes it an excellent thermal layer in its own right.

You can get the full details on the Paramo Bentu Fleece Jacket and Paramo Bentu Windproof Jackets in our Paramo Clothing section.

As always, we’ve worn them and talked to plenty of customers who have them – get in touch if you want to know more.