Point6 socks, just another merino wool sock brand? Well, not really (in our opinion).

Our intro into stocking Point6 socks was through customers recommending we stock the brand and that’s always a great start in our books. There’s tons of merino socks on the market, we’ve tried many, but it’s always a tough choice to stock a brand without any customer reaction first up. That’s why we were so pleased to get Point6 socks into our store a few months ago – it came highly recommended already.

What’s special about Point 6 merino socks? First off, it’s worth mentioning that all merino socks have some super qualities that make them great to wear and offer high performance. The natural anti-microbial nature of wool resists odours developing on the socks; wool wicks perspiration very well and offers superior moisture management; Merino socks regulate temperature very well – allowing your feet to keep a more stable temperature whether hot or cool; comfort – fine merino is soft against the skin – especially in hiking and sports socks, this means improved comfort over long distances or with elevated exertion.

In terms of unique things about Point6. Firstly, the brand was started and is owned by the guys that virtually started the technical merino sock market with Smartwool. They are back in the business and focusing on socks. They are using a compact spun merino fibre that is more durable, softer and less bulky. Together with some clever state-of-the-art manufacturing in the US, this makes the Point 6 socks extremely technical and high performance.

The best way to gauge how well a sock is made is to turn it inside out!

A quick look around the Point6 socks:

Soft ‘welt’ top  - makes the Point 6 socks comfy and stable (often a key point of comfort for our customers).

The weave on the calf/leg area of the sock is designed to allow plenty of cross stretch for comfort.

Ankle areas feature greater support on the socks (a ‘brace’ weave) and extra ventilation panels.

On the heel, alongside a deep heel pocket with cushioning, the outer edges are reinforced for greater wear and comfort.

Arch areas in the socks are well-supported with a specific weave.

Cushion around the toes is woven into the socks and the seam of the sock is super-smooth and positioned away from blister points.

Having had the Point6 range of trekking and hiking socks in the store for a while, we’re pleased with the reaction so far – plenty of positive feedback and nice comments. All in all, the Point6 Merino sock range is well worth a look. You can take a look at the range in our Point6 Socks section.

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