Topo Trail Running shoes

Topo trail running shoes are our latest and greatest trail shoe brand to come into our shop. We’re really excited about the brand and the shoes. But why should you be? Aren’t they just another shoe? Does Topo offer anything different?

Before we get to the ins and the outs of the shoes, firstly, a quick intro. We were aware of what Topo shoes were doing on the US market and we were recently approached to see if we wanted to become one of a select few retailers stocking Topo shoes in the UK. Why? Well for a start we’ve always set our stall out to offer something different to our customers – new brands, unique products and products that can really benefit your time outdoors. You can talk to us and find out about the shoes, the fit and whether they are the shoe for you. All in all Topo shoes have something new to offer and we are here to help you find out whether they’ll suit your running.

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What about Topo Athletic trail running shoes. Topo Athletic was founded by Tony Post (hence the To Po) who, as a long term runner and executive in the footwear industry, set out on a new path to make a new running shoe based on a different set of principles.

Firstly, Topo trail running shoes are built around the principles of natural running. Allowing the runner to achieve a more natural stride and landing does not mean just zero drop and no cushioning. Topo shoes promote natural running without the extremes. There’s a range of drop heights (the difference between heel and toe height in the shoe) in Topo shoes but the shoes are designed to enhance your running with shoes that fit properly and promote mid foot landing without offering a relatively radical zero drop.

Secondly, Topo Athletic trail shoes all offer a roomy toe box. Extra space around the forefoot means a better feel when running and room for the toes to move (extra comfort). More room on longer runs and over long distances is great for all types of trail running. This extra room is not at the expense of the fit and performance on the rest of the shoe. The fit is great around the midfoot and the heel is held well The upper is well-structured to offer support and the sole and midsole have been tuned to offer structure and grip over uneven trail terrain.

We are in the early stages of stocking the trail running shoes in the Topo Athletic range: The Runventure ; Hydroventure & MT-2. They (respectively) offer minimal, cushioned and waterproof options for low drop, lightweight Topo trail running shoes.

You can find out more information on the website - see our Topo Athletic range of Topo Trail Running shoes and do get in touch if you want to know more.