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NEW! Scott Supertrac 2.0

Introducing the new Scott Supertrac 2.0. Can they improve on the brilliant original Scott Kinabalu Supertrac?

When Scott introduced the original Kinabalu Supertrac it quickly became a hugely popular choice with a wide range of trail runners. This was thanks to its aggressive tread pattern, comfortable and protective midsole cushioning and a fit that suited a wide range of people.

Scott certainly had their work cut out to improve on what was a very impressive trail shoe but using the technical knowhow from their top-level racing shoe range as well as feedback from elite and community runners the Supertrac 2.0 looks set to step up to the challenge.

All Terrain Traction – At the core of any successful trail shoe is an outsole pattern and rubber compound that provides grip on a wide range of terrains. The Scott All Terrain Traction features deep lugs with provide secure footing in deep mud, grass and technical terrain as well as having a sticky rubber that grips to rocky trails too.

Comfortable Fit – a fast shoe is a shoe that you hardly notice you’re wearing and Scott have worked hard on providing a soft, comfortable feel. The no sew construction adds to the nicely cushioned area around the ankle to reduce rubbing or irritation.

Form Fitting Tongue – designed to stay in place wherever you go the Form Fitting Tongue is lightly padded and moulds nicely to the top of your foot for a pressure free finish.

Protective Toecap – trails can be dangerous places! Stones, tree roots and the likes are all there to trip you up but the protective rubber toecap on the Supertrac 2.0 helps to protect against those inevitable bumps and knocks causing an injury.

Lightweight & Breathable Mesh – don’t let your feet overheat. The Supertrac 2.0’s upper materials are light and airy allowing your feet to breath as well as having the secondary benefit of letting any water that gets inside drain quickly so your shoes and feet can dry out faster.

eRIDE – Running comfort and efficiency isn’t all about cushioning or responsiveness, an effective ‘rocker’ in a shoes sole unit design also enhances it. The Scott eRide rocker has been added to the Supertrac 2.0 and is a great addition to keep you moving quickly and efficiently.

AeroFoam+ - Another impressive addition to the Supertrac 2.0 is the high end AeroFoam+ cushioning that absorbs impacts and propels you into your next stride brilliantly. Over the course of a long run you’ll be thankful for the extra protection!

Weight = 300g – weighing in slightly lighter than the original Kinalabalu Supertrac, the version 2.0 is not the lightest shoe on the market but that isn’t it’s aim. 300g is still a reasonably light weight and with that you get much higher levels of comfort and protection on the trails for training or long races.

We think the new Supertrac 2.0 is going to appeal to an equally wide audience as its predecessor and that will include fans of the original and those new to the range. It offers a comfortable and protective ride with an excellent grip that will provide confidence to traverse mixed terrain quickly and safely.

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