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Product Update - why we love the Paramo Velez Light Waterproof Trousers


There’s not much to say about waterproof trousers, they keep the water out, they breath so you don’t get sweaty. What more is there?


Paramo waterproof trousers are quite a hit with our customers, whilst they are not the cheapest, they do the job very well and Paramo waterproof trousers are amongst of the best on the market (in our opinion).  The Velez light waterproof trousers have been in the range a little while now and have proved a versatile and tough trouser for many of our customers. With a change to the colourways on the Paramo Velez trousers just coming in, we’re glad to see good stock back in our store.


So what’s so good about the Paramo Velez Light Waterproof Trousers?


What are they? They are waterproof hiking/walking trousers that use Paramo’s lightweight analogy fabric. This means that they use a two layer fabric: the liner layer sits against the skin and serves both to remove moisture from the body and actively stop any water getter in. The outer layer is highly breathable, windproof layer that breathes when wet and actively sheds rainfall. Both combined, these layers make up a waterproof but very breathable barrier (that’s soft and not ‘crinkly’).


New colour - Actually, this is not a key factor in how good these trousers are but previously Paramo had made the Velez Light waterproof trousers in black. Now they are coming to us in a two tone colour – black and dark grey. Whilst looking good on the hill is not the best way to select kit, it’s important and we think the new colourway looks really good.


Performance – Performance is (nearly) everything with Paramo waterproofs and we can well and truly attest that the Paramo Velez Light waterproof trousers are fit for purpose. We see a lot of returning Paramo customers and the feedback on the performance of the trouser has always been very positive.


We’ve also used the Velez trousers ourselves and they’ve stood up to all sorts of weather in the Yorkshire Dales and beyond. Alongside using the lighter-weight Nikwax Light Analogy fabric which is great for both waterproof performance and breathability, the Velez trousers have short thigh vent zips which are excellent when you get really hot on hard climbs and really help balance the comfort of the trouser.


Design – The features on the trouser are designed to work hard for hillwalkers and hikers alike. There are well-designed vents on the thighs (as per above – these are ace), there’s a fully-featured fly, belt loops and button-popper fastening. There’s really useful Velcro cuffs on the hems of the legs.


Fit – The fit on the Velez Light waterproof trousers is good too. They are loose enough not to impede movement and articulated at the knee to help with flexing and walking.  Being designed for walking and to wear against the skin, they are comfortable to wear as regular trousers and soft against the skin – great for all day wear. Paramo also make the Velez trousers in shorter and longer leg lengths too. Fit on trousers is always so important and leg length is the key factor to getting the fit right for you (come in and try them or give us a call and we’ll work through the measurements for you).


Customer service  - needless to say we’re a small independent business and we believe that we can really make a difference by going the extra mile and spending time with you to find the right kit that will last and be good value for you. That said Paramo offer great service too – basically aside from a lifetime warranty, Paramo back up all their clothing with a UK based team of repair specialists who will replace zips, panels and repair all sorts of mishaps to keep your gear working throughout it’s lifetime.


Ethics and Environment – We actively buy and promote brands that genuinely manufacture to high environmental and ethical standards and Paramo are one of the leaders in this field. All their waterproof garments are PFC free (including the Velez Light Waterproof Trousers) – they are made and waterproofed with processes and chemicals that are much kinder to the environment. Also, a large proportion of Paramo Clothing is made in a sustainable, fair trade environment in Columbia.


All in all, there’s plenty of reasons to like the Paramo Velez Light Trousers, if you’ve any doubts, do get in touch with us. There’s more information and detailed specifications on the Paramo Mens Velez Adventure Trousers and the Paramo Ladies Velez adventure Trousers on the website.